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God is Great!
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Bought this tank top to tell the world God is Great and I've had many people come up and start a conversation. What a great way to talk about God!

satan stinks
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Love my shirt! I get people asking me about it almost every time I wear it.

Stretching the Truth
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I loved the way this shirt looked and thought it would be cool to wear it. What I didn't know was how many people would comment about my shirt. Crazy, this really works.

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About us

The Truth is an online Christian clothing line developed to give believers a unique look at the scriptures. Each item we produce will be based a specific scripture in the Bible, but it won't be just quoting scripture.

The Truth signature is about inspiring people to read and know their Bible. The Truth wants you to know what scripture is on your shirt and to understand someone may ask or comment about what you are wearing. This is an open door to tell them about the Truth and what He has done in your life.

This is a form of evangelism without getting in someone's face. If someone asks you a question they are engaging you instead of the other way around.

So I guess you can use our clothing line as a witnessing tool and a fresh addition to your wardrobe.

What makes our clothes unique

  • Every item is signed by "the Truth."
  • Every item is a positive message from the word of God.
  • Christian company dedicated to giving God the glory.
  • Each shirt can be used to build your faith.
  • Our clothing line is unique, fun and can encourage you daily.
Please try our clothes for yourself, it will grow your faith, encourage you in your daily walk with God and help you witness to a lost and dying world.
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