About us

12:11 Apparel is an online Christian clothing brand dedicated to helping Christians proudly display their faith and even share the Good News with those around them.

Each item in our collection is rooted in scripture, not just by merely quoting verses but by exuding the essence of the Gospel.

Growing up, I was always taught to take such pride in my work that I'd be willing to sign it.

The Truth, another name for Jesus, is emblazoned on many items.

This signifies our commitment to introducing Jesus to your world through you.

In my experience around non-believers, using names and terms they are familiar with or have heard before can sometimes lead to preconceived opinions.

Hence, 12:11 Apparel ventures to assist believers in becoming more effective witnesses for Jesus.

Our every item is designed as a conversation starter, inviting curious questions and discussions about faith.

The Gospel is God's ultimate Good News, the path to Salvation, but the enemy always tries to deter us from sharing it.

Our brand name, 12:11 Apparel, is inspired by the scripture Revelation 12:11, which powerfully refers to conquering the enemy's influence on non-believers through the power of truth and testimony.

In collaboration with Jesus Mighty Men, 12:11 Apparel aims to inspire and educate people to delve into their Bibles.

Instead of simply quoting a scripture, we want you to truly understand and live the Word, ready to answer when someone comments on or asks about your unique attire.

12:11 Apparel offers comfortable evangelism.

When people approach with a question, it's an open door to share about Jesus and your testimony.

Our collection then becomes not just a statement of style but a powerful tool for witnessing.

What sets our apparel apart:

Every piece carries a positive message from God's Word.

We are a Christian company, wholly dedicated to glorifying God.

Each shirt is designed to strengthen your faith.

Our collection is unique, chic, inspiring, and a daily source of encouragement.

Every purchase comes with a witnessing tract to give away.

We invite you to try 12:11 Apparel for yourself.

Not only will it refresh your wardrobe and strengthen your faith, but it will also equip you to share the Good News with the world.

Browse our collection at `1211apparel.com/products` and learn more about our mission at `1211apparel.com/blogs/news/our-mission`.

Your brother in Christ,

Greg Ryan