Why the Truth signature?

Why the Truth signature?

Greg Ryan ·

The Truth came about over ten years ago when I failed miserably with a Christian Clothing Line called One Drop of Blood. It was a clothing company that attempted to use a specific logo to help the body of Christ fulfill The Great Commission.

But there were multiple problems, I knew nothing about the clothing industry (I still don't), and I attempted to change how people purchased clothes (not going to do that again). Finally, I tried to combine business with a ministry...huge mistake.

I was so starry-eyed with my new clothing line I believed every Christian was going to stop everything and buy an item we sold. That did not happen. in fact, I couldn't even get churches to help me promote my products (this was before social media).

Fast forward to 2016 and my dream of owning the most powerful clothing company in the world is born (or reborn). This time, we are going to do it much differently. For starters, we are going to run this as a business, not a ministry.

We are going to have a sales department, marketing department, customer service...you get the picture. 

Enough about the past, let me tell you why the Truth. Our products will always be "tied" to a specific scripture (or two). It will help the body of Christ better learn the word of God, get closer to Jesus (the Truth) and help the believer talk about (i.e., proclaim the Gospel) salvation.

This is a marketing arm of Jesus Mighty Men and will be the primary way we pay for our ministry. If you research our site, you will see I will not take donations. I'm all for you giving to the church, but I'm not a church. 

If you like our stuff, buy it. There are so many wonderful charities you can donate your time and money. Thank you for reading my first blog. hopefully, you will come back.

Greg Ryan
Founder Jesus Mighty Men
& the Truth signature

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